The Whitemud Hills Homeowners Association is a not for profit organization integral in maintaining the beauty and splendor of Whitemud Hills.  The WHHA ensures that architectural controls are upheld, all common property is maintained year round and the necessity for additional amenities is surveyed. Should City owned property require attention, we communicate with our contacts at the City of Edmonton to address problem areas.  The objective is to go beyond the limited and sporadic grounds maintenance provided by the City and ensure that our beautiful neighborhood is vibrant & looking its best.  Painting the fences on the main routes through the community, redeveloping & beautifying the main entrances & maintaining our green spaces are just a few examples of how some of these points can be achieved.

In the event you are selling your house or condo you should inform your real estate agent, lawyer, and any potential buyer about the WHHA.

Discuss the following items:

  1. Annual Fee
  2. Features and services provided by the WHHA
  3. Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Take advantage of what’s provided as an additional selling feature of living in Whitemud Hills. 

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