Architectural Guidelines in Whitemud Hills


Please be reminded that you must seek approval from WHHA's Board for the renovations and changes to the exterior of your property. WHHA is integral in maintaining the appearance of the community according to the Architectural Guidelines. These guidelines are a fundamental part of the Articles of the Association and are registered on the title of each property.   The summary of the guidelines (Updated October 16, 2014) can be found below:




1-PREAMBLE-These are the ongoing guidelines for all homes in the neighbourhood of Whitemud Hills (Carter Crest) in the City of Edmonton and are based on the construction guidelines that were implemented at the various stages of development of the community. These guidelines are enforceable under the restrictive covenant placed on all properties by the developer at the time of purchase. These guidelines are focused mainly on the aesthetics of the homes and how they relate to each other, and should be considered in addition to Edmonton City Bylaws, and National and Provincial Building Codes.


2-DESIGN CONCEPT- Various limits are placed on unit size, setback, side yards, lot coverage, design repetition, house type, roof slopes and other specifics as per the construction guidelines for each stage of development. In general, bungalows are preferred on corner lots. House type, position and setting will be controlled to ensure compatibility with adjacent houses.  High visibility rear elevations must receive treatments similar to front street elevations. Front entry steps must not exceed four risers per set. Exterior dwelling colours must be consistent with original design and complement neighbouring homes - lighter earth tones are preferred. Any significant changes in exterior house colour must be approved in advance by the Homeowners Association.


3-MATERIALS- Allowable siding materials include cedar, stone and brick, stucco and aluminum or vinyl siding. Roofing materials include Cedar or treated Pine shakes, Clay tiles, and some brands of stone coated metal, concrete, or rubber shakes and shingles. Asphalt shingles are not permitted. An updated list of approved roofing materials is available from the Homeowners Association. Chimneys must be finished consistent with the exterior of the house. Soffits, fascia, trim, and eavestroughs must be complementary to the exterior finish.


4-GRADING AND DRAINAGE- Grading and drainage are to follow the land’s natural slope and conform to the City’s Drainage Bylaws. Sump pumps must not discharge onto neighbour’s or public property. Retaining walls are the responsibility of the property owner and new installations must be approved by the Homeowners Association.


5-GARAGES AND DRIVEWAYS- All lots must be provided with at least a double attached side by side garage constructed concurrently with the house and utilizing the same materials as the house. Garage doors are to be painted, stained wood or metal raised panel doors.  Driveway locations are specific to each lot. All driveways and front walks must be constructed of concrete or paving stones. Asphalt driveways are not permitted.


6-MAILBOXES & HOUSE NUMBERS- Each house must have a mailbox installed at the front entrance. House numbers, at least 12.5 cm in height, must be clearly displayed in the front of the house. In some areas house numbers have been installed on separate pedestals also incorporating a yard light. For these pedestals, the finishing material and colour must be consistent with that of the house.


7-FENCING- All fencing must be constructed in accordance with the design established for Whitemud Hills. The approved colour for the wood fence is called “Cape Cod Grey”, the only exception being the wood fence at the Pallisades Condominiums which is green and white. The concrete perimeter wall along Rabbit Hill Road and Terwillegar Drive utilizes coloured concrete and must not be painted unless authorized by the Homeowners Association. Fence paint can also be purchased at My Favourite Paint/Benjamin Moore located at 544 Riverbend Square - a custom shade is available for Whitemud Hills.


 *-This is a summary of the guidelines for the various stages of the original development of the subdivision. The original guideline for your stage may be more restrictive and should be referred to if you are considering major renovations.



Oct.16, 2014


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